webertec bond coat

Product formerly named: EMIX Bond Coat Admix
Saint-Gobain Weber Hong-Kong

webertec bond coat is a high performance liquid latex admixture formulated to mix with Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC) as bond coat slurry which promotes adhesion of renders, plasters and floor screeds to building surfaces. The alkaline environment of bond coat slurry can protect embedded steel reinforcement. webertec bond coat can be used to enhance adhesion strength of cement sand mortar and spatterdash.

20L / drum


  • Mix with cement as bond coat slurry to promote the adhesion of renders, plasters and floor screeds
  • As a protection slurry for steel reinforcement
  • Enhance the adhesion strength of mortar and spatterdash

Features and benefits

  • As a mortar modifier to enhance the adhesion and cohesion strength of render and screed
  • Improve the cohesion strength of mortar
  • Excellent bonding to concrete, masonry and panel walls
  • Chloride free

Documentation and brochures

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