webertec non shrink grout CE

Product formerly named: EMIX Non Shrink Grout CE
Saint-Gobain Weber Hong-Kong

webertec non shrink grout CE is an aggregate free grout with very high flow non-shrink cementitious grout. It has ultra-high strength that can also be used for heavy duty underpinning and anchoring. webertec non shrink grout CE contains no chloride or other substances, which could aggravate corrosion of reinforcing steel or pre-stressing steel cables. The product can be supplied in bulk volume and pumped when large volume is needed. It requires only the addition of water to produce an easy-to-apply and free flowing grout.

25kg / bag


  • Underpinning grouting
  • Free flow precision cement grouting
  • Heavy duty support beneath machine base plates, bridge bearings and crane rails
  • Heavy duty anchoring including bolts, starter bars and tendons in drilled holes
  • Fill in grout for hollow blockwalls and ducts
  • Concrete anchors, rail beds and machine foundation

Features and benefits

  • Expansion system compensates for shrinkage
  • Excellent fluidity : suitable for pumping and injection
  • High early strength and long-term durability
  • No metallic iron content to cause staining
  • Chloride free : prevent rusting of the steel and anchor bolts
  • Pre-mixed and ready-to-use : requires only addition of water

Documentation and brochures

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