Choosing the right Tile Adhesive

Saint-Gobain Weber Hong-Kong

We use tile adhesive to stick our tiles to walls and floors, powdered adhesives come in various grades and dry as a chemical reaction takes place after mixing. Depending on the type of tiles used, the substrate, and its surrounding environment, it’s important that the right adhesive is chosen to ensure the tiles are more long-lasting.

Understanding Adhesive Classifications

Whether you’re working with ceramic tiles or stone adhesives, there’s a method of classification that means it’s quick and easy to choose the right adhesive for the job. European Standard EN 12004 is applicable to tile adhesives for internal and external tile installations on walls and floors. Various letters are used to help describe the products added efficiencies.

Normal or improved cementitious (C)

C1 (normal cementitious) and C2 (improved cementitious) classifications refers to the strength of powder adhesives.

Reduced slip (T)

T classifications refer to tile adhesives which have reduced slip – useful for applying larger or heavier tiles onto walls, keeping them firmly in place throughout the tiling process.

Extended open time (E)

E classifications are used for tile adhesives which have an extended open time, meaning the product won't start to set too quickly after being spread with a notched trowel – useful for larger jobs.

Fast setting adhesives (F)

An F classification refers to a tile adhesive that is fast-setting in nature, this is useful when tiling in lower temperatures where the setting process may take longer, or where there is a tight deadline.

Improved flexibility (S)

Flexible tile adhesives are denoted with two classifications: S1 (improved flexible tile adhesive) and S2 (ultra-flexible tile adhesive), which are suitable on substrates which are subject to deflection and movement.

Weber’s powder tile adhesives only require the addition of water to get started. Suitable for both wall and floor tiles, our high-performance tile adhesives can be used for both internal and external tiling projects.