3D Virtual Exhibition

Saint-Gobain Weber Hong-Kong

We are delighted to announce the launch of a 3D virtual exhibition of Saint-Gobain (Hong Kong) in November 2022. The virtual exhibition showcases our solution and innovation to online visitors.

Visitors can “walk” through the exhibition hall on the computer screen and smartphones to see detailed information about our brand, project reference, products and solutions. A significant highlight of the exhibit will be the 360° view of product applications, which allows you to approximate walking through the showroom and select the scene to see the solution pop-up with detailed descriptions.

The virtual exhibition has been our first attempt to create a virtual solution showcase accessible to everyone by visiting our website with your laptop, tablet or mobile device. The public is welcome to visit the virtual exhibition website at https://weixin.fengchui.com.cn/sgbhk/index.html for a 360° experience of knowing more about our solutions and innovations.