Announcing Pascaline Hayoun as the New CEO of Saint-Gobain Hong Kong & Macau

Saint-Gobain Weber Hong-Kong

With the retirement of Andy Ip, Saint-Gobain promotes Pascaline Hayoun from Deputy CEO to CEO Saint-Gobain Hong Kong & Macau. This transition underscores our commitment to fortify the 26-year legacy initiated by E.MIX under Andy Ip's leadership, and to drive strategic growth by fostering innovation and sustainability in the construction sector.

We are resolute to continue providing the best support to our customers throughout this transition, and proud to deploy with them our vision to lead in light and sustainable construction in Hong Kong and Macau, where buildings account for 90% of electricity consumption and for most of CO2 emissions. Pascaline has a solid and diverse experience and I am very confident she will succeed in her mission, enriching the solid base of trust and excellence set by Andy.”, stated Ludovic Weber, CEO Saint-Gobain for Asia Pacific region.

Pascaline Hayoun brings extensive global experience and profound industry insights gained through diverse pivotal roles within Saint-Gobain across the world. Her strategic approach involves leveraging team expertise to serve our customers with the highest performance, quality and service. This includes expanding our comprehensive construction solutions portfolio to provide performance and sustainability, thanks to the power of Saint-Gobain’s offering and material expertise worldwide. Additionally, further investing in research and development to create more innovative and sustainable solutions, optimize manufacturing processes to minimize our environmental impact while forging partnerships to boost our company's sustainability initiatives. By integrating sustainability across our operations, we aim to set unparalleled industry benchmarks and significantly contribute to a more sustainable future.

« I am thrilled to take the lead of Saint-Gobain in Hong Kong & Macau, including our Joint Venture Yunfu, working with a dedicated team of knowledgeable professionals. Recent months have shed light on the vibrant business landscape in Hong Kong and Macau, revealing a shared interest in innovative and sustainable solutions, particularly in achieving Carbon Neutrality. Saint-Gobain holds immense potential to further support the construction market with our solutions. I am looking forward further engaging with our customers and key stakeholders across our industry on these topics. », emphasized Pascaline Hayoun, CEO Saint-Gobain for Hong 

Her strategy underlines Saint-Gobain's overarching objective of creating a better living environment, extending beyond product excellence to uplift communities, nurturing an inclusive culture, and create environments enhancing people's lives. By championing social causes, promoting diversity and inclusion, as well as prioritizing employees and stakeholders’ well-being, our goal is to make a tangible societal impact beyond conventional business objectives.

Pascaline Hayoun's nomination marks a new chapter, focusing on driving strategic growth, cultivating innovation and sustainability to propel Saint-Gobain Hong Kong & Macau towards new horizons, and fulfill Saint-Gobain's purpose of MAKING THE WORLD A BETTER HOME.