Outstanding Building Materials – weberset TF ECO series

Saint-Gobain Weber Hong-Kong

Saint-Gobain Weber (Hong Kong) announced that the new tile fixing product: weberset TF ECO series has been given the Outstanding Building Materials in Build4Asia Awards 2020. The award presented by build4Asia and PRC Magazine which honours material manufacturers, developers, architects, contractors etc., who have demonstrated professional excellence in their products or services and have contributed to a quality and sustainable environment.

Saint-Gobain Weber has set the standard for innovation and sustainable mortar adhesive, the weberset TF ECO series contains new raw materials sourced from the recovery of industrial by-products to reduce CO2 emissions and the need for natural resources.

This award is a recognition to the market vision of Saint-Gobain Weber: “Caring about today, but also caring for the future”, taking responsibility to lead the change and build a tomorrow that is in harmony with its environment.