weberfix stone back 496

Product formerly named: EMIX Stone Back 496
Saint-Gobain Weber Hong-Kong

30kg powder / bag


10L emulsion / drum

weberfix stone back 496 is a two component polymer modified cementitious adhesive for fixing fabric reinforcement mesh on marble back surface. It can be simply achieved by mixing a prepacked drymixed powder with a formulated latex admixture. It can be set in low temperature and highly humid environment. It has high bond strength with various cement based materials and low shrinkage to prevent marble from debonding. weberfix stone back 496 is ideal for installation of fabric reinforcement mesh on marble back with enhanced adhesion strength to the reinforcement mesh and highly compatible to cement based materials which do not require moving mesh during wet fixing application. It provides excellent resistance to water which can prevent stains and efflorescence for marble after wet fixing application.

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