Water World, Ocean Park Hong Kong project

Saint-Gobain Weber Hong-Kong

Ocean Park’s new Water World will open to the Hong Kong public in September, it is Asia’s first and only year-round, all-weather seaside water park. From slides to wave pools, Water World will feature five different zones, Weber offers products and solutions for the construction of main building structures and various indoor and outdoor attractions.

High performance multi-coat render has been used in Water World for smoothing uneven surfaces before final treatment such as tiles or paints. The weberbase easi render is ideal for spray application which has helped the applicator to gain time on the more straightforward areas, while weberdry easi render plus WP provides water resistance rendering reduce the chance of water penetration. The high quality weberdeko base gives a smooth finishing as a final coat on plastering surface, with its excellent durability and stability under weathering conditions, weberdeko base is a reliable and suitable skim coating material to be applied in Water World.

The cement-based Weber tile adhesives and grouts with greater resistance to moisture and stronger bonds are ideal for wall tiling in the Water World to solve debonding problem of wall tiles. The highly workable tile adhesive weberset 303 with flexibility, non-slip and extended open time are key to the successful application. The Weber comprehensive tiling solution includes cementitious, epoxy and low cement adhesives and grouting products, which satisfy every need of our customers, please contact Weber representative for more details.